Forest and Found nz.

An eclectic bunch of homewares and gift items which we craft, collect and up-cycle.



Forest and Found nz. stemmed naturally from a shared love of nature, crafting and

endless daydreaming we lived in the 70’s sunshine. 

We are Megan and Brittany, best friends with an addiction to vintage and

retro treasures, making crafts inspired by the times of peace & love, unique up-cycling

and growing flora.

We have been excitedly learning, practising and perfecting a bunch of different

skills such as macramé, candle making, photography, plant propagation

and growth, alongside studying crystal and gemstone specimens and their healing properties.


These elements and aesthetics collide to form our eclectic collection of homeware and gift items. 

We very much hope you enjoy!


Megan and Brittany x


..endless daydreaming we lived in the 70’s sunshine.
— Forest and Found nz.